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We are Specialised Established Exporters and International Traders and Shippers of Indian Rice, Wheat, Wheat Products, Sorghum, Millet, Corn, Maize, Food Grains, Pulses, Beans, Peas, Dhalls, Oil Seeds, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Spices, Whole Spices, Seed Spices, Ground Spices, Processed Food, Dehydrated Onions/Garlic/Vegetables/Fruits, Cattle Feeds, Soyabean Meal, Ground Nut Meal, Rape Seed Extraction, Edible Nuts / Seeds, Edible Oils, Condiments, Crude Drugs, Botanicals, Forests Production, Spices Oils, Oleoresins, General Merchandise, Tobacco and various other Agri Produce, Commodities to Principal International Markets and are in Trade since 1948.

Complete Infrastructure to handle from Farm / Paddy stage to Milling to Grading to Conditioning to Packing to Logistics and Loading aided by Professional, Experienced Manpower enables us to handle large volume Contracts & Shipments to entire satisfaction of buyers.

Modern equipment and technology which we employ at Processing Plants enables us to offer various specifications desired by buyers.

With personal supervision at all stages we are able to control Quality, Schedules, Costs and achieve consistency in standards towards entire satisfaction of our buyers.

Kindly advice us of your requirements and interest to enable us provide with firm Quotes, Offers etc.

We hope that with mutual Co-operation there will be long term business association between us in mutual benefit.

Contact Persons :
Late Mr. Gunvant Shah-Founder Chairman * Mrs. Yashomati Gunvant Shah * Mr. Kaushik Gunvant Shah * Mr. Mihir Gunvant Shah * Mr. Haresh Gunvant Shah.

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